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The story of Delirus IRC Network
The Delirus IRC Network was originally started in 2015 by sysfail, known then as the AusIRC Network. Based in Central West NSW in Australia, the network grew over a few years to incorporate some regular users and well known and loved bots for playing various games. Our main network channel is #delirus and this is used for general discussion and playing some games. The network help channel is also #delirus and any users may join and ask their questions. In our network channel Network staff are usually shown by the "&" user status, network regulars are shown by the "@" user status and some bots and VIPs are shown by the "%" user status.

What is IRC?

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a text-based chat system. It enables discussions among any number of participants in so-called conversation channels, as well as discussions between only two partners — for example, in question-and-answer dialogues. Any participant may open a new conversation channel, and a single computer user can also take part in several such simultaneous channels....


How do I connect?
Start by getting yourself an IRC client, I have provided links for my favourites.


Once you have downloaded and installed your chosen IRC client, run it. You can now type: /server and once connected type: /join #delirus to join us in the main channel.

What We Use

InspIRCd 3.12.0: InspIRCd is a modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server written in C++ for Linux, BSD, Windows and macOS systems.

It was created from scratch to be stable, modern and lightweight. It provides a tunable number of features through the use of an advanced but well documented module system. By keeping core functionality to a minimum we hope to increase the stability, security and speed of InspIRCd while also making it customisable to the needs of many different users.

Anope 2.0.10: Anope is a set of IRC Services designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Anope is available in two flavors: Stable and Development. The stable version has been tested for months and is as stable as a rock, while the development version gets new features added constantly and allows you to enjoy the future of services today.

Meet Our IRC Services

What are IRC Services?: IRC Services are psuedo-clients that connect to an IRC network through a special server linked to the network. This allows the services to control users, channels and many other aspects of the network's security. The various services, listed below, allow for users to secure their nicknames and channels, aquire bots (robot users) for their channel, request fake hostnames and various other things.

NickServ: Our NickServ service allows users to register and control settings for their nickname. This means if anyone wants to use your nickname or gain access to your channel rights, they need your password.

You can type: /MSG NickServ HELP on IRC to see the help information for NickServ and see a list of commands.

ChanServ: Our ChanServ service allows users to register channels and control the access of those channels. You can also control channel settings and modes. This means, no one can steal or take over your channel while you are not online.

You can type: /MSG ChanServ HELP on IRC to see the help information for ChanServ and see a list of commands.

BotServ: Our BotServ service allows Network Staff to create psuedo-bots for people to use in their channels, this is controlled closely and any requests can be discussed in #delirus or #staff. Users who gain a bot in their channel will lose Sentinel.

You can type: /MSG BotServ HELP on IRC to see the help information for BotServ and see a list of commands.

HostServ: Our HostServ service is used for users to request fake hostmasks to be linked to their NickServ registered nickname, this can be useful for hiding you IP of hostname from other users. Most requests will be accepted unless they are an actual domain, or are racist or extremely vulgar. For more information or assistance with this please join #delirus or #staff and ask your question.

You can type: /MSG HostServ HELP on IRC to see the help information for HostServ and see a list of commands.

OperServ: The OperServ service is restricted to Network Services Staff, it allows them to easily control users, channels and connections to the network, with much better organisation and much less difficulty. Users should not attempt to use OperServ - ALL use of OperServ (or attempted use) is logged.

Sentinel: Sentinel is a BotServ psuedo-bot that automatically joins all registered channels, users can use BotServ to see what they can do with this bot in their channel. Any request to have Sentinel removed will be accepted.

Meet Our Staff

sysfail AdminServices-RootFounderAustralia
sysfail has been a regular IRC user since 1997 and has always held interests in the IRC scene. From creating and hosting IRC bots, servers and various other things for other users of IRC and himself. sysfail is a regular user on Delirus, UnderNet, SorceryNet, Gotham and TechNet and can be found in #sysfail on all of these networks.
In 2015, sysfail along with Phantom and triv (and various others) founded AusIRC and began working to make the network unique and fun for all users. After a few years, AusIRC disolved and Delirus replaced it, bringing people like dracorex, maskedlua and Belle to the staff. sysfail had maintained a majority of the network alone until these people came along. Now the management and duties of the network are spread amongst all four Network Administrators.
sysfail would like to thank each and every person who has offered time and experience to the network.

Special Thanks to; triv, Phantom, dracorex, BadIdeaBear, maskedlua and Belle - you guys have assisted so very much with not only the IRC network but infrastructure and configurations that made it possible. You were always available, at all hours to assist me in the management and maintenance of the entire network. You all are, and always will be apart of my IRC family.
Phantom AdminFounderServices-AdministratorAustralia
Phantom was involved with various chat networks even prior to commonplace access to the internet, operating DIGICOMM BBS, from around 1986. This eventually incorporated an internet gateway, and thence to IRC. Phantom has been operating IRC servers since approximately 1990.
His only connection to IRC in the present day is operating a server on the Delirus IRC Network, which he founded with sysfail.
triv AdminFounding-StaffServices-AdministratorCananda
triv started using IRC around 1995 and has been a regular user since about 2000. First on Undernet and now on Delirus though he still has a presence on Undernet, EFNet and Libera.Chat.
The best place to reach him is usually #delirus.

"I Just try not to break things too badly."
dracorex AdminServices-AdministratorAustralia
dracorex has been a regular IRC user since the late 90's. Since then he has spread out over many networks and channels. In his own words, he has "been an IRC whore ever since" joining IRC.
dracorex can be found on Delirus, UnderNet, EFNext, LibralIRC, IRC4Fun, mIRCScripts, TechNet, IRCnet, EFnet, DareNET, freenode, Rizon and OzOrg.
ComputerTech GlobalOpIreland
ComputerTech has been a user of IRC since January 2020, he is a member of staff on 6 networks; Delirus, TechNet, DareNET, EvilNET, IRC-nERDs and Freenode
ComputerTech can be found on over 50 networks, so we will not list them all, but generally you will find him in #computertech if he is on a network.

Information About Our Servers dracorexSSLUnited Kingdom trivSSLNetherlands dracorexSSLSingapore PhantomSSLAustralia sysfailSSLUS-Dallas sysfailSSLUS-Miami trivSSLCanada sysfailServicesUS-Miami

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